Call for Research Projects

The Jesuit Networking research group invites scholars from all disciplines, graduate students, and practitioners to consider research projects related to Jesuit networks and networking. Projects may include:

    • Existing books, articles or scholarly publications;
    • Ongoing or developing projects;
    • Academic papers, conference presentations, theses, or dissertations.

Summaries of accepted projects will be featured on this website.

For a list of possible topics, please see Research Areas on Jesuit Networking.

Criteria for JN Research Projects

To be considered, JN research projects should:

    • Be linked to the Jesuit mission or a specific Jesuit network;
    • Offer an intellectual contribution to the topic involving research (e.g., articles, conference papers, theses, studies); and
    • Consider networking with an international or transnational worldview.

If you are interested in joining this group and feel that you have a possible project, please send us your proposal.

Submit a Proposal


We are in the process of developing an online form to submit projects. Thank you for your patience.


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