Over the past few years the ambition and desire by many to work as a “universal body with a universal mission”, as recommended by General Congregation 35 have come to fruition and begun blossoming all over the Jesuit world. One area where this has become particularly apparent is in the education sector. Amidst the preparations and as a continuation of the International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education (ICJSE) in Boston, 2012 and the International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality (SIPEI) in Manresa, 2014 various initiatives and projects were born in the spirit of global Jesuit education and networking. One of these is Educate Magis, an idea which was born at the ICJSE and has been coming to life since.

Educate Magis is a global online education community which connects Jesuit educators from around the world. By facilitating the sharing of resources, challenges and ideas this community strives to provide a truly global education which reflects the world we live in while honouring the values and traditions of Jesuit education. This community not only connects educators but also encourages and facilitates global collaboration of schools and projects across borders and regions with the aim of helping students to learn with an awareness for social justice and an appreciation of the world around them; producing people of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment.

Educate Magis primarily serves teachers and staff working in Jesuit schools and networks or those with a keen interest in Jesuit education. By registering as a member of the global community you have access to all resources uploaded to the site, you can connect with other members, start multilingual conversations, form and join groups and contribute to an innovative and expanding global education network.

While at a first glance Educate Magis may appear to be a ‘traditional’ website, it strives to be much more than that. It aims to be an interactive community platform created for the community and by the community. As Dani Villanueva recently wrote networks “are above all opportunities to channel a new culture of collaboration and collective action”. We are excited about this opportunity and about learning, together with you – the community- , how we can best use this platform to inspire each other, connect globally and work together. We welcome and encourage you to get in touch and get involved and we look forward to meeting you soon!