Networking for Justice

Loyola 17-20 November

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What's going on?

An international gathering in Loyola, Spain bringing together the global Jesuit networks dedicated to the social apostolate.

Who's organizing?

The Secretariat for Social Justice and Ecology of the Society of Jesus as part of its commitment to strengthen global networking to promote social justice.

What's the goal?

Evaluate how networking has favored the Jesuits' mission in the struggle for justice. Identify lessons learned and propose actions to enhance collaboration.

Latest News & Updates

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    The Potential of Jesuit Networking

    Have you ever thought what would happen if the works of the Society of Jesus could coordinate to create a global common project? Are you aware of the possibilities that concerted action offers to organizations like ours, present in many countries?

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    Video: Networking for Justice Insights

    In November 2015, the Networking for Justice gathering brought together the main global justice networks of the Social Apostolate of the Society of Jesus in Loyola, Spain to evaluate and promote networking as an important tool in the struggle for justice.

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    Collaboration with academia: GIAN representatives and the Pontifical University of Comillas gathering in Madrid

    As a finishing touch to the “Networking for Justice” meeting that took place in Loyola from November 16th-20th and in which 60 people from different continents, Jesuits and laypeople from various sectors of the Society of Jesus, including the four Global Igantian

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    Final Document Release

    The group of people gathered together in Loyola at “Networking for Justice” wanted to include the principal lessons learned over these past few days in a document that can serve as a testimony of what we have shared this week and to generate motivation among other groups and organizations that want to continue this reflection.

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    Daily Recap: Global Networks evaluate their work over the past year

    During these days, we have not only been evaluating, planning and working. The mutual trust and listening we have experienced while here in Loyola is the result of the belief that having a shared mission is an essential ingredient

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    Networking: The Logic of Collaboration, Exploring the New

    In January of 2014, the Jesuit Network for Migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean (RJM-LAC) launched the first campaign of its kind under the shared theme, The Campaign for Hospitality.

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    Strengthening Network Coordination for an Effective Humanitarian Response

    In the face of the coming World Humanitarian Summit to be celebrated next year in 2016 in Turkey, the entire humanitarian community is gathering to question the way we are currently responding to emergencies.


    Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources

    The network for governance of natural and mineral resources takes up the call to hope when working in contexts of extraction which are often ruled by conflict, deprivation and desolation. We experience that broken world at first-hand because of an “economy that kills”

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    Daily Recap: Sharing our Networking Best Practices

    As we close the third day of “Networking for Justice”, we will devote this post to sharing some of the best practices identified by each of our networks. There were many initiatives that were presented and much knowledge has been shared throughout the day.


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Event Agenda

For more information about the Loyola Sanctuary, visit

Monday, 16th November

21:00 - Dinner and presentations

Tuesday, 17th November

9:00 to 10:30 - Visit to the House of Saint Ignatius: the call to create an international / universal apostolic body
Responsible: José Ignacio García

11:00 to 13:00 - Presentations of networks: GIAN Education, GIAN Migration, Xavier Network
Chairperson: Julie Edwards

13:30 - Lunch

15:30 to 17:30 - Continue presentations of networks: GIAN GNMR, GIAN Ecology, Social Coordinators
Chairperson: Benny Juliawan

18:00 to 19:00 - Time for personal and group reflection: What have we learned and how can we help the Society grow in “networking for justice”? Areas for development

20:00 - Eucharist
Presider: Sannybhai Jebamalai

21:00 - Dinner

Wednesday, 18th November

9:00 to 11:00 - Good practices in networking: Breakout sessions of good practices where networking has added value to what we do

11:30 to 12:30 - Time for personal reflection: Personal briefing of what we have heard, How can we help the Society to progress in this field at different levels: personal, network, Conference, universal Society…

13:30 - Lunch

15:30 to 16:30 - Group Work: Share personal reflections and agree on recommendations for the Society at different levels

17:00 to 18:30 - Assembly: Share the agreed recommendations and elaborate a final statement on networking: "Networking for justice".

20:00 - Eucharist
Presider: Rigobert Minani

21:00 - Dinner

Thu-Fri, 19-20th November

Each network will follow its own agenda, and we will gather for meals and Eucharist.
On the 20th, Eucharist at the Basilica of Loyola commemorating the martyrs of El Salvador.

Global Jesuit Networks of the Social Apostolate

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