An image of St. Ignatius and the first companions holding a laptop marked the provocative launch of this website on 17 December 2013. Already one whole year has passed since that initial post, encouraging everybody to weave the #JesuitNetwork, and now the project is making great strides forward. It has more than 7000 followers on its different channels; there are 220 volunteers in 7 workgroups; and 6 projects are in the making.

As the workgroup evolves, our blog is our showcase to the world. These are the most widely read posts from our first year:

  • The Real Measure of Our Schools. Chris Lowney’s name is always a guarantee of quality. This text, the most widely read post of all, develops something once said by Fr Kolvenbach “the real measure of our schools lies in who our students become.”
  • Networking and the Jesuit 4th vow. The interest aroused by this post is perhaps surprising, because its content is unusual and specialized: the connection between networking and Jesuit final vows. This post highlights the 4th vow taken by professed
    Jesuits in terms of mobility, availability, and a global vision.
  • Networks as Place of Real Encounter. Inspired by Antonio Spadaro and the people from #iMision, this post from Jesuit Networking was part of the #icongreso that took place in Madrid last April.
  • Contemplative Leaders in Action. Another personal narrative, this time about how it felt to be part of a program of Leadership Development in the Jesuit Collaborative, the network of spiritual ministries in the Eastern USA.

Besides these top four pieces in terms of hits, the blog contains up to 56 different articles on networking and collaboration.  If you like keeping track of things, especially at this time of the New Year, you are most welcome to follow both our official blog produced for a wide public, and our internal coordination blog, designed to help those involved with Jesuit networking projects to keep in touch.

We hope that 2015 will be a great year for collaboration and networking within the Jesuit and ignatian world.
Happy New Year and thanks for your support!!