From November 17th through the 20th, 60 people from all continents, Jesuits and laypeople who collaborate in networks for social and environmental justice at the international level will gather in Loyola.

At, we will include information about the gathering: content from the meetings, lessons learned about networking, successful experiences, challenges for the future…we will upload videos where protagonists will describe the work they are developing. There will be testimonies and examples of best practices.

We encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter “Networking for Justice” which we will send during the days of the meeting so that you can receive updates about what’s going on. I’m sure that it will be of interest to you.

Networking collaboration is becoming more and more necessary: because questions of global justice go beyond the local frameworks of our institutions and because no institution counts with the wealth of resources that only pertain to the larger sum of our organizations. Networking allows us to carry out a mission that is beyond our reach if we were to approach the challenges facing our world on our own.

In Loyola, four thematic networks will gather. These include the Global Ignatian Advocacy Networks (GIAN) which work in four areas: 1) Migrations, 2) The right to quality education for all, 3) Ecology and 4) the governance of natural and mineral resources.

At the same time, other networks that support our Universal Mission will be present: the Xavier Network, which brings together international development NGOs and mission offices of the Society of Jesus. And Jesuit Networking, which supports collaborative initiatives within the Society of Jesus, through communication, as well as other resources.

These networks will join together with the support of the Secretariat for Social Justice and Ecology, which is responsible for strengthening the mission of the Society of Jesus in the field of justice promotion from the General Curia in Rome.

We hope that this meeting will help in the following areas:

  • To build a Society of Jesus that is better articulated at the international level and that is better prepared to respond to global justice and environmental challenges.
  • To establish fruitful collaborations between the social sector and universities, with the goal of generating interdisciplinary reflections, supported by research and field work.
  • To generate solid proposals for cultural and social change, valuable contributions for structural transformation.
  • To generate bridges between those who are excluded and public decision makers that determine the frameworks that affect the lives of people.

General Congregation 36 is coming soon, in October 2016. We believe that this gathering can help with its preparation, generating interest for networking and informing about the fruitful work that is already taking place in favor of those who are excluded.