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Jesuit Networking is an initiative of Entreculturas – Fe y Alegría Foundation, the Jesuit Institute, the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, Jesuit Social Services Australia, the Conference of Provincials of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the World Union of Jesuit Alumnae in collaboration of the Secretariat of Collaboration of the General Curia.

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All individuals and organizations interested in joining the project are more than welcomed. For more information regarding partnerships or sponsorships send us an e¬mail to info@jesuitnetworking.org




The Jesuit Institute was established in 1988 to support the Jesuit, Catholic character of Boston College. The Institute works in collaboration with existing schools, programs and faculties primarily, but not exclusively at Boston College. Within the atmosphere of academic freedom and colleagueship essential to a university, the Institute contributes positively to the intellectual life that constitutes Boston College by promoting research and collaborative interchange upon issues that emerge at the intersection of faith and culture.

The Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, Founded in 1936 by Father Walter McGuinn, S.J., is the fourth oldest Catholic school of social work in the U.S. It is the highest ranked professional school at Boston College and is rated as the top Catholic school of social work in the country. The School offers a Master´s Degree in Social Work  and a PhD of Philosophy in Social Work.

Entreculturas Foundation is a Spanish Non Governmental Organization for Development  promoted by the Society of Jesus. It is engaged in solidarity programs to help those less fortunate and it promotes education as a tool for social change and the promotion of justice. As part of the Fe y Alegría International Federation, it supports education projects among the excluded populations  of Latin America, Africa and Asia.


Jesuit Social Services is an institution of the Australian Jesuit province that works to build a fair society where everyone can live to their fullest potential— by joining forces with the  community to support those most in need and working to change policies, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate inequality, prejudice and exclusion. JSS develop effective services concerning education, capacity building, advocacy and leadership development.

The World Union of Jesuit Alumni (ae) - sometimes known in short as ASIA (“ Antiqui societatis Jesu Alumni”) is an international society with spiritual, cultural and social purposes. Its objectives are to preserve and develop bonds of friendship, communication and solidarity among alumni/ae throughout the world; To co-operate with the Society of Jesus; To stand by the education which they were given; And to offer the opportunity of continuing education.

CPAL is the Jesuit Conference of Provincials from Latin America and the Caribbean. It was created in 1999 to promote coordination and collaboration among the 14 provinces and 2 regions of the Society of Jesus in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Provincials and Major Superiors wanted to create a unique conference and provide a basic infraestructure and resources to better meet the challenges and apostolic needs of these areas.

The contents from The Jesuit Networking contributors and editors found here are their own, and do not constitute official statements of the Society of Jesus or the Catholic Church.

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