In Latin America, peace is a priority issue, so today we highlight the work of the Province of Colombia by making available to all its fellow citizens a Toolkit for political and civic training towards peace, forgiveness and reconciliation, called #RedConciliación (Reconciliation Network).

This Toolkit is the result of the collaboration and articulated work in network of Jesuits in Colombia, which have come together to contribute in the construction of a reconciled Colombia.

At the beginning of this journey, the SJR Colombia, the CINEP/PPP, Fe y Alegría Colombia, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and the Ignatian Youth Network Colombia made available to the apostolic body of the Society of Jesus, reflections, documents and videos to help others live this reconciliation experience, so people from the various regions in which the Society of Jesus in Colombia is present can all work towards peace and forgiveness.

Anyone can access the #RedConciliación movement through the website of the Society of Jesus in Colombia. All the accumulated historical experiences and knowledge about reconciliation, which have been offered by the network of Jesuits in Colombia, is available here. The navigation of these materials can be done through a roadmap, which facilitates the exploration in an intuitive and playful way, or through the explorer, in which the different contents can be filtered from the types of reconciliation in which the Society of Jesus focuses its work.

Father Carlos Eduardo Correa, SJ, Provincial, in his presentation of this new toolkit, has invited all Jesuits and apostolic companions to “enter in the communities and work these materials, which are of great importance for transforming the hearts of Colombians, as they are the possibility of guaranteeing that in the future we can live without these very serious breaks in the Colombian society”.

Are you already in #RedConciliación mode?

This is a translated version of the article “Jesuitas de Colombia en modo #RedConciliación”, published in Spanish by CPAL (Conference of Jesuit provincials in Latin America and the Caribbean).

Image: Society of Jesus Colombia