From May 15th-21st, delegations from 9 Latin American countries and from different parts of Spain joined together in the Basque Country for the 4th meeting of the network, COMPARTE, under the slogan “Encounter, exchange and collaboration for the building of alternative economies.”

The COMPARTE network, which is promoted by the Latin American Conference of Provincials (CPAL) is a community of learning and action for alternative development made up of 16 Latin American organizations and Fundación Alboan, as well as 5 Jesuit universities in Latin America and Spain.

The first three days of the meeting were dedicated to taking a look at the inner workings of the network. At the Sanctuary of Loyola, 43 representatives from the network and allied institutions analyzed strategies to transform territories from the perspective of sustainability, collectively defined the goals of the network for the next 6 years, and advanced toward the construction of alliances to increase alternative economic solutions in Latin America.

The delegations from CPAL also had the opportunity to visit different productive experiences and organizations in the Basque Country. They were able to exchange insights and spaces of mutual learning in areas such as agroecological production and responsible consumption, distribution and commercialization, inclusive finances and social economy. Networking emerged as a key factor in creating an alternative economic movement with transformative impact.

The meeting served to help nourish the shared dream of advancing toward economic alternatives that guarantee the human dignity of impoverished people and communities, toward a more human economy, in harmony with nature.

Original article published in InfoSJ.

Photo by Muxotepotolobat