What does this online community include?

Space for Global Collaboration

The intent of Educate Magis is to provide educators from over 2,000 Jesuit and Ignatian schools in the 6 regions of the world with an online platform where they can meet and get to know each other individually and as a network. As well as getting to know each other, Educate Magis offers a space for educators from around the world to collaborate and work together on projects of mutual interest and need. This collaboration involves educators sharing news, teaching materials (in the form of ideas, documents and videos), organizing student exchanges and co-creating new content. Educate Magis is not a traditional website but it is a collaborative community platform where participation and feedback from the community is needed and appreciated.


World Map, Resources, Global Blog and Multilingual Conversations  

Much of the Educate Magis community platform (e.g. a worldwide schools mapresources and global blog) is designed to be freely open to the world.

The Educate Magis Global Map of the world illustrates the sense of belonging to the Jesuit and Ignatian network of schools. It also highlights the fact that, in the words of Nadal, “the world is our home”.



This openness serves two purposes:

  • people not involved in Jesuit Education can learn about our rich tradition
  • educators in Jesuit and Ignatian schools have some means to evaluate the site before joining as community members

The Educate Magis platform contains a safe space available only to educators working in Jesuit schools or organisations as well as other interested educators. This community platform is accessible by username and password and grants access to more resources. The private community also has a place for educators to ask have conversations, ask questions and share experiences with other teachers around the world.

The site is available in EnglishSpanish and French and has on-page translation to 50 languages. Conversations have ranged from “Caring for the Environment” to “How Compassion Affects Education”. The community platform also has a place for educators to form public, private or hidden groups online to facilitate global collaboration. An example of some groups are “Spanish Language Exchanges”, “Innovations in Teaching” and many more! Membership is free and we welcome you to join our community.

Join, Discover, Enjoy and Feedback

Educate Magis is designed initially for educators. We would like to learn how to best serve the educators in our global school communities before moving on to invite members of the wider community (students, parents and past-students).

There is a full-time team employed at Educate Magis to help facilitate collaboration in the community – so please feel free to ask for help. We will always be listening to and asking for your feedback, so we can continuously develop the site to meet the evolving needs of our global online community. How do you think we can improve? Let us know!

Educate Magis is dedicated to answering the Society’s call to become a “universal body with a universal mission”, enabling us to collaborate in solidarity as a global community.

So if you are an educator involved or interested in Jesuit or Ignatian education please join the Educate Magis community. Get to know your colleagues from around the world and find out how you can work together across the world. We really look forward to getting to know you!

For more information watch this video on how to participate in English or Spanish (French version coming soon).