Former students of Jesuit Schools of Argentina and Uruguay met for the 1st. InterAsia Meeting, which took place in the city of Santa Fe in Argentina, from Friday 17 and until Sunday 19 August. The place chosen for the meeting was the Immaculate Conception School (San Martín 1540), and was attended by delegates from Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Mendoza, and the special participation of Alain Deneef, president of the WUJA (World Union of Jesuits Alumni) through a special video for the occasion sending their greetings and good omens for the new Federation.

Father Miguel Petty, Delegate Advisor of the Civil Association of Former Students of the Society of Jesus (Asia, in Latin); the President of the Association, Gerardo Rondina; and the Secretary Carlos Reynoso, gave details about the meeting.

"The main objective is to create the Federation of Alumni Associations. Another very important objective is to achieve a way for associations with more alumni, such as ours or those of Buenos Aires, to support the newer ones like Misiones and Mendoza. We want to strengthen the union of all students", judge Petty, promoter of the idea that created the event.

"We have refloated for six years the alumni association, which was asleep for about 15 years" told his president, Gerardo Rondina.

"Our work in many ways relates to school and pastoral work, and we are putting a lot of focus for the alumni to relate and grow in camaraderie, from the youngest to the oldest", he added.

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[This is an edited and translated version of the article originally published in Spanish by El Litoral]