The International Congress for Jesuit Education Delegates (JESEDU-RIO2017) with the motto “United in a global network: A fire that kindles other fires” is just a few days away. Organizers and participants are looking forward with “enthusiasm and consolation” to this global gathering that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from October 16th-20th, 2017.

Education delegates from the 6 regional networks will join together for a week of intense work and discernment that seeks to “strengthen the relationship between the Delegates of Education and respond together to the challenges of the Global Network of Secondary Education.” Father General Arturo Sosa SJ will also be joining the meeting to participate in the closing.

The methodology established in 2014 at the SIPEI-Manresa conference will be used as a guide for the Congress. Those who are not able to attend JESEDU can participate through live coverage by the communications team which is made up of professionals from 5 different partner institutions.

In words of José Mesa SJ, Education Secretariat in his invitation letter shares the questions: How do we imagine the global educational network? Which commitments should we make on a personal and institutional level?

The Congress has four main objectives:

1. To reflect on current educational frontiers within the process of the renewal of the educational system.

2. To define strategic guidelines - minimum commons for our global network – which can be useful in developing this network.

3. Deepen our personal relationships as “Delegates of Education” from the Jesuit school network.

4. Describe the role of the educational delegates as co-responsible for the global school network.

As the organizing team looks forward to the opening of JESEDU within days, they highlight: “we are at the service of Jesuit Education, an education which accompanies the transformation of men and women with the aim of creating a more just and united world.”

For more information about JESEDU-RIO2017, visit the official site.

Photo: JESEDU website