In the framework of the World Refugee Day 2018 (June 20th), organizations of the Social Sector of the Society of Jesus of the Province of Spain, united for the promotion of a culture of solidarity and inclusion for migrants and refugees, will be hosting community walks throughout the Spanish territory in favor of hospitality, cooperation and refugee reception during the month of June.

The initiative, called Paths of Hospitality (Caminos de Hospitalidad), involves walking symbolic routes among migrants, refugees and the general public, acting as a space of encounter, fraternity, and celebration. Paths of Hospitalyty is inspired by the work of Fr. Frans van der Lugt SJ in Syria, who used to organize walks with people of all religions and nationalities, as an intercultural meeting space.

Moved by the hope of showing the willingness and commitment of the Spanish people to welcome and work for the full social, labor, and education integration of people who are forced to leave their homeland, the team of the Social Sector of the Society of Jesus, invites everyone to walk for migrants and refugees and be part of the Paths of Hospitality in Madrid (June 2nd), Asturias (June 3rd), the Basque Country and Navarre (June 8th-12th), and Catalonia (12th-16th), which will also be joined by other social and educational entities linked to the Society of Jesus.

For further information (available in Spanish, Catalan, Euskara and Galician) about the routes, click here.

Image by Sergi Cámara / Video and info by and