After the official launch of the Final Document of the first ever conference on Jesuit Networking, this project started a process of recruitment with the idea of gathering a critical mass of Jesuit network weavers able of starting a reflection and action regarding networking at a global scale.

For this, we generate a temporary website offering the possibility of downloading the document and papers of the conference, but more important the chance to subscribe yourself to one of the three main channels of Jesuit Networking since that december.

In the meantime, the project was taking shape on the level of institutional alliances and it was presented in different scenarios and meetings. After 10 months of low profile communications, our facebook group adds up more than 1200 friends, the twitter account have a similar amount of followers, and we have more than 300 network weavers subscribed in our different email lists. All this recruitment has been done by word of mouth and a very simple line of contents regarding networking and jesuit global topics.

In december 2013, the project will start and the old website will be substituted with the new with the idea of starting to channel all the interested people into the individual projects that will build up the whole Networking system.