Jesuit Networking is an international initiative to support the emergence of collaborative bottom-up innovation for the universal Mission within the Jesuit apostolic body. We focus on the promotion and fostering of international connections and projects among individuals and institutions in order to:

  1. Promote the topic of collaboration through networking among individual Jesuits, institutions, and collaborators, systematizing related information and advancing network thinking within the Jesuit apostolic body.
  2. Accompany and foster initiatives of Jesuit international networking, recruiting pioneers, promoting initiatives and researching current experiences.

The project started after the 1st international conference on Jesuit International Networking held at Boston College on April 2012. You can see here the history of Jesuit Networking and download the main documents on the topic.

Our Vision is to be the referent for international networking initiatives within the Jesuit world. Anyone interested in global collaborative initiatives will find the latest information, documentation, systematization, research, and potential offers for  international joint ventures on our platform and channels. Jesuit Networking will expand and offer general topics and also give access to communities of practice with specific apostolic horizons where one can learn and discuss new possibilities for wider apostolic missions.

We develop this project through three main lines of action

1 Communicate. To mainstream the topic of collaboration through networking using social media channels, papers and publications, generating common references for Jesuit network thinking.
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2 ResearchWe are launching an academic team to study, systematize and accompany current experiences of Jesuit international networking through research and documentation.
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3 CollaborateA digital collaborative platform is being developed in order to recruit Jesuit network weavers, so new ideas and current initiatives could be gathered in a “Jesuit hub” which will be open to new actors.
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