A digital collaborative platform is being developed in order to recruit Jesuit network weavers, so new ideas and current initiatives can be gathered in a “Jesuit hub” which can be joined by new actors.

Our project is focused on improving our current networks and including new collaborative projects so as to provide our Jesuit´s network with a wider international projection. Our objective aims to offer a “Jesuit Hub” to provide everyone with the opportunity to find  which topics and ideas are being discussed and developed in a collaborative way within our apostolic body.


 An international team is working on the development of a collaborative platform  where our community of interest may  gather around networking in order to ease future initiatives. This platform is intended to implement two major objectives:

  1. Work as a Jesuit innovation cell, allowing new collaborative ideas to be formulated and discussed.
  2. Hub of current initiatives where anybody can access and join the different groups of collaborative work.

Would you like to join us?

 If you want to join this group and collaborate in the design and implementation of this platform, please join us in our Facebook Group. We are looking for people with expertise in collaboration platforms, design of user interface and web programming.

If you would like to collaborate but you don't want to use Facebook, please contact us at info@jesuitnetworking.org and let us know which of the running projects you would like to join.

Please, check out our volunteering page in order to see if your profile and skills would be more suitable for any of our other Jesuit Networking projects.

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