A lot happened across the global Jesuit network in 2017. While it is difficult to highlight all the action going on, below are some of the key posts that Jesuit Networking readers enjoyed.

  1. The 2017 Global Jesuit schools map: Take a look at the most up-to-date global Jesuit schools map via Educate Magis. Print it out, hang it up in a visible place at your school or organization, and help spread the word about the broad reach of our vast Jesuit network. Also, via Educate Magis, if you missed what happened at JESEDU Rio 2017, take a look!
  2. The network of Jesuit universities joins forces for EAIE 2017: In September 2017, Jesuit universities joined together in Seville, Spain at the EAIE Conference, under the slogan “The world is our home” to share common lines of work and projects and exhibit the differentiating elements of Jesuit education.
  3. Transformational learning experiences using unique cases rooted in Jesuit tradition and core values: This post highlights the partnership of more than 200 Jesuit universities to launch the Global Jesuit Case Series which seeks to publish and promote business and social policy case studies that embody the values of Jesuit education.
  4. Global Meeting: World Union of Jesuit Alumni: In June 2017, the global conference of Jesuit alumni was held in Cleveland, Ohio focused on uniting frontiers across different disciplines.
  5. The Global Red Chair project: Collaboration for global citizenship: This post highlights the exciting collaboration that is taking place amongst Jesuit networks, organizations and schools to promote global citizenship and the right to education through the Red Chair campaign.

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