Volunteering with us

Jesuit Networking is a project that relies mainly in volunteer work. Many people from all around the world are contributing to the projects in different groups with specific tasks. If you want to be part of this global effort, check out this list of volunteer groups and join our facebook groups where the work is being coordinated.

How do you want to contribute?

Group Task Needed Skills Join
Content Creation & Promotion Writing and language skills (English & Spanish), social media wizards and community managers.
Visual Design Graphic designers, expertise in flyers, infographics, etc….
Network Weavers Jesuit network weavers, able of amplifying messages, with a wide range of contacts, digital, quick and connected.
Annual Award Expertise in organizing global awards or people involved in jesuit innovation centers..
Development of Collaborative Platform Expertise in collaboration platforms, designing of user interface and web programming.
Language Translations Knowledge of languages for translations between English and Spanish. We will welcome translators from and to French.
Academic Research Escolars and students in areas like network analysis, organizational development, social innovation, business, etc...

I don't want to use Facebook!!

If you want to collaborate but you don’t want to use Facebook, please send us an e-mail to info@jesuitnetworking.org letting us know which of the volunteer groups you would like to join.

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